New Titles


Well running hunt test you always have ups and downs. This year was no exception. This year we were able to Finish up the season on a high note with a Master and a Senior Title.

Millet one of our puppies we sold has been with us for training. Thanks to Rick and Deb Rusz for allowing us to work with her. Millet went on and Finished up her Master and her daughter Lou (her pup we own) finished her Senior.  This happen on the same weekend at the Buckeye Retriever Club hunt test in Ohio.

Lou on the Left and Millet on the Right

Millet Lou

Lets Do This!!


It has been awhile since my last post. I will be giving this another shot. I will be going back and chatting about this years activities before the New year. Lots of stuff has happened and is happening.

I will start out by saying I got a new puppy so we will be learning quite a bit with him so you can follow his antics here. His name is Ryder but more on that later.

Also had a great loss this year my beloved boy Scout has passed on.  Life will never be the same but I am healing day by day. Will post a tribute post later on.

New Titles and awards.. That is always fun.

This weekend we will be having fun at the ACC fun hunt will share after the activities.

Here is a picture just for Fun