DUTCH’S JOURNEY ~ Well back on September 2, 2015 a lot of you know that we had to make the difficult decision to have our girl Dutch put to sleep.. That was not the end of her Journey. We had made the decision to have her partake in the ongoing research for DM with the University of Missouri. If any of you had lost a dog to DM would understand. We had a lot of help along the way. I would like to thank Dr. Joan Coates for doing the ongoing research, Dr. Briedi Gillespie for coordination with all the vets and ACC. She was a blessing. Michigan State University for preforming the procedure, The ACC Health Committee and the American Chesapeake Club Charitable Trust….There may have been a few others I missed I truly appreciate the help along the way. Just got an email from Dr. Coates that verified that Dutch had the signs of Early DM.. She was 15.. Praying her samples that were sent can help.
If anyone would like to read more about DM and the ongoing research can read the health committee report in the March / April ACC bulletin page 10 and 11. if anyone has questions I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

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