Picking a Breeder Part 2 or 2

Color is another red flag issue. If the breeder is breeding “for Color” or getting rare for the breed color on a regular basis you run a big risk of having other inherited issues. Some issues are physical while other are psychological. This can be said for any main points of written standard.

As the buyer you will need to decide which issues are important to you. I think one of the best questions to ask a breeder is “ How long do your dogs live?” If a dog is passing on at or after 12 years old I do not feel the exact reason is of much importance. On the other hand if a fair number is passing at 8 or less then again it may not matter why, they are still passing way to young.

Proof is in the pudding. If you are buying a hunting dog and the breeders have a suggested that they have “great hunting dogs” are there pictures of the parents hunting or after the hunt. Do they have pictures of more than 1 generation of their dogs hunting. If you can hunt with the breeder and their dogs, or watch them at a field test that is even better. Hunt test at least so the dogs have the basics for hunting.

Where are the pups whelped and raised the living area of the house or outside. The best is in or close to the living area of the house. They should be bot whelped and raised as close to normal human activity as possible.  Each breeder has a different house and setup to deal with. Personally I keep the whelping area off to the side but the pups are near and exposed to normal goings on in the house, vacuums, other dogs, phones, and people. Some breeders will whelp the litter in a separate area then when weaned move them further outside. Then claim they are housed raised. It is necessary to be specific when you ask where and how the pups are whelped and raised.

If weather permits has the breeder taken the pups outside.

As you can see picking a breed may be fairly easy but picking a breeder is the hardest part. This is not a complete list of questions or a complete list of issues and concerns. Hopefully thought it will give you a general idea of what to ask and what kind of response indicates good and poor breeders.

The breeder that you pick should be someone that you can work with throughout the life of your dog.


Picking a Breeder


First breeders will tell you the good things about their dogs and leave out or down play the bad.  All breeders do not all do this intentionally but it is just like parents and their children.  There is a term for breeders who only see good in their dogs.  It is called “kennel blindness”.

Some of the things you want to look for in a good breeder are that they compete their dogs, preferably in a similar discipline to what you want to do with yours. If you want a hunting dog then Hunt Test or Field Trials is what you want your breeder doing; of course actual hunting with their dogs is better. In some breeds, like the Chesapeake, you can look at what others have down with their pups or what is further back in the pedigree.  In labs and especially Golden Retrievers it is best to have the pedigree and competition of the breeder in your favor.

Do they invite you to meet their dogs, the parents as well as others they may have.  Many times the sire (dad) will not be available due to someone else having ownership of him.

Do they only use studs that they own or co-own? Line breeding is fine but in my opinion you want to see out crossing about every 3-4 generations, to much line breeding is another sign of kennel blindness. Do they want to control your breeding rights. Co-Ownerships and limited registrations have their place, but is the breeder normally selling their pups in one or both of these ways? If so they may be telling you that they know they have big problems in their lines and want to control breeding or give themselves a scapegoat when something comes up.

Health clearances vary some between breeds.   The best thing to do is if you have decided on a breed;  Chesapeakes, Labradors, Goldens, Curlys and so on you should consult the National Breed Club on what clearances are recommended.

black white pup


DUTCH’S JOURNEY ~ Well back on September 2, 2015 a lot of you know that we had to make the difficult decision to have our girl Dutch put to sleep.. That was not the end of her Journey. We had made the decision to have her partake in the ongoing research for DM with the University of Missouri. If any of you had lost a dog to DM would understand. We had a lot of help along the way. I would like to thank Dr. Joan Coates for doing the ongoing research, Dr. Briedi Gillespie for coordination with all the vets and ACC. She was a blessing. Michigan State University for preforming the procedure, The ACC Health Committee and the American Chesapeake Club Charitable Trust….There may have been a few others I missed I truly appreciate the help along the way. Just got an email from Dr. Coates that verified that Dutch had the signs of Early DM.. She was 15.. Praying her samples that were sent can help.
If anyone would like to read more about DM and the ongoing research can read the health committee report in the March / April ACC bulletin page 10 and 11. if anyone has questions I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

DSC_0021 (2)101_7952dutchweb2Dutch January post$ Dutch on log

2 New Additions

In 2015 we added two new girls to our pack. Look for these Girls in the future.

The first is “Ronnie”  DustyRose Shiloh Hill Eastern Rendezvous.

Ronnie is a product of a breeding we did that was Born September 2014 she just turned a year old this year. She was are Keeper.

Sire – GCH CH Eastern Waters Top Of The Mark CDX GN RE NAP NJP

Dam – Dusty Rose Shiloh Hill Habenero JH

Ronnie has 2 Junior passes we are looking forward to finishing up her Junior title and moving forward with Senior.  Ronnie will also be doing conformation.

2015-07-06 01.26.39-2



“Lou”  DustyRose Millet’s Li’l Seedling

Sire – CH Chisholm Trail’s Backdraft Bay MH

Dam – Shiawassee’s Millet Field Menace SH WDQ

This girl is intense. Looking forward to what this girl is going to do.


$ lou water return framed

DSC_0057 (2)


Lets try this again……


I will be starting up my Blog again I hope you enjoy.

This year has been one filled with ups and downs.  I would like to take the next few weeks and talk on some of those things I find important.

Some Highlights I will be discussing

The National Show Specialty I ended up being the chair.

Dutch and DM

Sandy and our loss

A couple of the breedings we have done

The 2 new additions

A hunt for the perfect match for our girl

and Many More.

Go out and enjoy your dogs and family.

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